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The Reproductive Righteousness Project

The Reproductive Righteousness Project is a new initiative launched to explore the ways in which families, fertility and reproduction have become increasingly important discursive moral devices through which right wing populist leaders invoke the threat of national, social and cultural decline. From Trump’s “America first” to Kaczyński’s “there is only one Poland,” expressions of ethno-nationalism, right-wing populism, and authoritarianism are increasingly central to right-wing authoritarian regimes. This project brings together feminist scholars with wide-ranging expertise to collaboratively theorize expressions of what we call “reproductive righteousness.” The project is interdisciplinary, comparative, and global in scope. We take a critical approach that incorporates intersectional feminist, queer, and reproductive justice perspectives, and questions normative assumptions about reproduction, gender, religion, race and the state.

The Reproductive Righteousness Project is a collaborative research effort led by Risa Cromer (Purdue University), Sarah Franklin (University of Cambridge) and Lea Taragin-Zeller (Hebrew University and University of Cambridge).

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For more information about this new project:

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